About Us

Complete Web Solutions came into existence in late 2010 with the aim of helping South African SMB’s (small/medium businesses) gain an audience online. We have now grown into an established company building high end websites and mobile apps. We also pay a lot of attention to search engine optimisation as we understand fully the need for a highly optimised and responsive website and/or mobile application.

We have a very strong client base here in South Africa and we also have clients in the United Kingdom, U.S.A. & Brazil.

Our company and its staff are extremely passionate about what we do and receive great satisfaction when our clients achieve their goals.

We design and develop websites that look exceptional, are professional, easy to use and 100% responsive (mobile friendly).

E-Commerce Website and/or App Development



  • Blog or Personal Websites
  • Business Websites
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Job Boards
  • Business Directories
  • Nonprofit and Religious Websites
  • Portfolio Websites
  • Online Communities
  • Auction Websites
  • Multilingual Websites
  • Knowledgebase Websites
  • Niche Affiliate Websites
  • Photography Websites
  • School or College Websites

Mobile Apps:

  • Hybrid Apps:
    • IOS
    • Android
  • Native Apps:
    • HTML5, CSS and Javascript
  • Web Apps:
    • HTML5, CSS and Javascript
  • App Categories:
    • Business
    • Education
    • Lifestyle
    • Travel
    • Health & Fitness
    • Food & Drink

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Page Titles
  • Clean URL’s
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Keywords
  • Headings
  • Video Content
  • Images
  • Content Length
  • Readability
  • Internal Links
  • Social Sharing
  • Duplicate Content
  • Crawlability
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Mobile Friendliness



Contact Us

: info@completewebsolutions.co.za
: 021 851 1005
: 072 055 8942